Pocahontas State Park 2014: Day 4

I realized after rereading what I had posted last night, that I’ve been doing a pretty awful job of updating on the actual progress of our project(s). With that said, let’s jump right in…


Eden & Maggie (Bookshelf #1) AND Kat & Shantel (Bookshelf #2) – These two sets of friends have been working their fingers off (literally) in an attempt to restore the bookshelves inside the cabin to new. Among other wildly inexplicable fads of our parents’ generation (yes, I’m talking to you 1970’s) a group in the cabin 30-40 years ago had decided to paint over the natural wood with a salmon-peach paint (obviously to match the beaded chandeliers and shag carpet, jk… jk…). The before and after pictures are stunning and will be uploaded tomorrow. Not to mention that we all kind of think that the park staff had given the job of restoring the bookshelves away as an “impossible task”. The collective look on their faces when they saw a freshly mineral-spirited and sanded bookshelf evidenced their complete joy that the shelves had been brought back to life! 


Junghwan (Jason) and Dollian – These guys (neither of whom has ever used a power tool) have been tasked with the precise task of measuring, cutting and hanging pine paneling to cover up the original wooden boards that make up the cabin walls and ceiling. It’s been reinforced over and over again, “Measure twice. Cut once.” Now on day four, and a couple pieces of “oops” wood later, I think they finally get it!


Amanda – This girl has had laser-like focus when it comes to cleaning the fireplace. Again with the 1970’s paint, a group-of-old had decided to paint over all the natural brick in the ugliest salmon you could imagine. Amanda has spent the last 2 days with a bottle of acid within her reaches at all times. She has done everything in her power to clean off the fireplace and has received rave reviews from park staff. We think it was another “impossible task”… we showed them!!!


More to come tomorrow (our last day of service)!!!



(Gotta make our mark for when people rehab again 75 years from now)



(Dollian uses the saw a lot…)






(Getting the job done)



(Union break!)