About Me


Someone smart once said that you can only really be 5 different things at once. Like, we as humans only have the capacity to give an adequate amount of effort into assuming 5 different roles. We’re able to take certain roles off our plates as we go through life, as well as add new ones on, though we’re really only capable of tackling 5 at a time. I guess if I buy into that train of thought I’d consider myself a husband, son, brother, educator, and disciple.

I’ve been shooting now for close to 5 years. It started small, as a simple hobby, though has slowly morphed into my creative outlet. I love capturing time. I love capturing moments. I love that photography helps me feed my inner pack-rat. Taking pictures is really for those that hate to let things go. I know, I’m living proof.

I currently work full-time at a private, liberal arts college in Western New York. I live locally with my beautiful wife of three years, Sarah, and our wildly unique beagle, Coast. With helping others always at the forefront of what I love to do the most, I look forward to the opportunities still awaiting me in this game we call life…

Feel free to ask any questions you’d like via the “contact peter” link!


One thought on “About Me

  1. lightfellow June 6, 2013 / 6:25 pm

    Lovely blog. Have a good time in Europe!

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