Day 1: Dublin, Howth, Killiney and Dalkey

So we finally made it. After leaving rochester at 5am on the steady yet volatile Amtrak , we were able to say that traveling had officially concluded roughly 24 hours after the fact (including the initial ride to LaGuardia, flights to Philly and Dublin, trains to Howth, and Killiney, and one long walk, uphill, to Dalkey).

I apologize in advance for the general craptitude of the included photos (and photos to come) as they will all be products of my iPhone cam.

Photos tonight include views from Killiney Hill, and a wonderful invention of the Irish!

Truth be told, I haven’t really decided yet how I want to record this experience over the next 20 days. Some updates might be directed more for family and friends and some simply for myself and my awful memory. I guess I just hope to mark my journey so that I remember the best of it for years to come.

Leaving Dublin tomorrow (Friday) at 6pm for arrival in Milan at 10pm.

Today’s takeaway: Don’t forget that kindness and patience are two of the greater gifts you can give to a stranger. We were so blessed today to be treated to the kind character of the Irish. On 3 separate ocassions someone went out of their way to make our day. Thank you to the man at the shoe repair shop in Pearse train station for ignoring customers while explaining to us detail by detail how to get to Howth and Killiney (and why we should make it a priority). Thank you to the young lady on Dame St. that went out of her way to walk us to the nearest smoothie shop (maybe because she could see that we weren’t following her directions). Lastly, thanks to the kid cashiering in the corner store that cover 10 cents of my bottled water so I didn’t have to break a 10 euro.

Not because I asked, but just because.